Jovan Luna

Producer, Writer and Actor

I’ve been in love with story telling since I was about seven years old. The first time I had the desire to tell a story was on Mother’s Day when I was around the same age. I gathered my two sisters, Nicole and Dominique and my brother, Maurice, together and came up with the idea to put up a small play production for my mom. It was a tale about my siblings and I traveling to a faraway land without mothers and then realizing how valuable they are. As fun as it was to dream up the idea, I didn’t do it. 

Fast forward 15, 16 years later and I’m in the Army on my second tour of combat (Iraq). I had the privilege of meeting some incredible and interesting men and women. This deployment was emotionally trying on our unit and myself due to the difficulty of our area and the amount of casualties we took. There are cemeteries all over the country filled with the bodies of many brave men an women. Not only are they filled with the deceased, they’re also filled with dreams never fulfilled, ambitions never realized and stories never told. I see myself as lucky and obligated. I’m lucky to be alive and I have an obligation to every fallen man and woman to live my life to the fullest and fight like hell to realize my ambitions. I tell stories not just for me, but for my battle buddies who no longer can. 

I didn’t tell my story when I was seven. Why? Because I didn’t think I was smart enough. I didn’t have costumes and I couldn’t find a pen to write it down… I didn’t think I was good enough. If I could go back in time I would tell my seven year old self to get your siblings together and tell your story! Your mom will love it and it will make her day! Most importantly, YOU ARE MORE THAN ENOUGH and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!

Truth is, I may never be as good as the greats, but as long as I'm better than I was yesterday, I'm happy.

Hello, my name is Jovan Luna and I have a story to tell:-)